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ε-Polylysine is to serve as natural preservatives. It is used to Meat, beverage, dairy, baking products by preventing growth of microoganisms.

It can widly inhibit Gram positive and negative bacteria, molds, fungi and yeasts. 

ε-Polylysine is a homopolymer of L-lysine, one of the essential amino acids. 

It is prepared from a fermentation for process using Streptomyces albulus under aerobic condition.



Key benefits:


1.Broad-spectrum antibacterial activity.

2.It is colorless, tasteless, water soluble and thermal stability.

3. It can be active both in alkalinity or acidity condition. 

4.Polylysine consists as a small natural homo-polymer (25-30 L-lysine residues) of the essential amino acid, 

   L-lysine. It is very saftey.

5.Polylysine has Excellent Synergistic effect with other preservatives such as cultured sugars, vinegar, organic acids,

   ethanol, EDTA, monoglycerides, etc.